Did you know that you can now choose the most important appearances of your ottoman storage bed yourself? In this guide, we will explain which elements you can select, among the different options available in our catalog. Personalize your ottoman beds safe bed!

1. Upholstery or wood

Both options have an internal structure that guarantees firmness and practicality thanks to a hydraulic system for its opening. However, there are some differences between the two models that should be taken into consideration:

You can choose your wooden ottoman storage bed in different shades: Cambrian, white, or wenge. Their interior boxes are slightly lower than those of the upholstered models, so their storage capacities are slightly lower. They are distinguished by their resistance to weight and offer a firm rest and an ideal reception of the mattress.

On the other hand, upholstered chest beds offer you a wider range of customization. You have the option of choosing your padded storage bed in five different fabrics: chenille, velvet, imitation leather, Aqualine, Ecolife, and Lux ​​Arabica. In addition, each fabric has its own range of colors so that you can choose the one that best matches your bedroom style and your tastes. And you, what color do you prefer? Sapphire, charcoal gray, or lime?

2. Dimensions

Of course, the size of a safe ottoman bed must be the same as the mattress it will support. The Duo chest beds are a base specially designed for large ottoman beds, that is to say for mattresses over 160 cm wide. These models are made by joining two boxes and two lids of the same size. In this way, the storage bed boxes have a separation to store and compartmentalize your belongings.

In addition, we have individual safe beds with a width of 80, 90 or 105 cm with the possibility of opening the side or front cover. The option of the side cover opening system is very practical in children’s rooms and in attics with low ceilings.

3. Cover models

The lids of the hinged bed trunks are very important elements. They’re chests beds can be equipped with a smooth cover with a lid frame or cover with a box. The safe ottoman beds with smooth covers are upholstered with a 3D fabric on the top which allows the optimal breathability of any mattress. In addition, this fabric is the same color as the box bed frame.

On the other hand, the cover with frame keeps the color of the box on the edges while the central part, in breathable 3D fabric, is in another color that complements the main one. Without a doubt, a comfortable and aesthetic option in equal measure.

Our model with a slatted base cover is a base that can be used with any type of mattress, even with latex mattresses. In addition, this type of box spring offers a more elastic rest and allows strong perspiration of the mattress. An option not to be overlooked if you live in high-temperature areas or if you are a person who tends to be always hot because your nights will be pleasant and cooler.

4. The feet

Personalize your ottoman storage bed by choosing among several models of legs the ones you like the most. The first option available to you is the 5 cm high feet if you wish to raise the ottoman storage bed slightly so that it does not rest directly on the floor. On the contrary, if you are specifically looking for more height, you can choose the 10 cm legs.

Another option is the 6 cm high wheels with brakes that will allow you to move the bed effortlessly. And finally, we also have another more modern movement system which is activated using a lever located inside the box and which allows the storage bed to be moved. Which is very useful during cleaning tasks.

Although you can also choose your storage bed without feet, an equally valid and more economical choice, which will give your bed a Japanese tatami appearance. By choosing this option, the storage bed will rest directly on the ground on its perimeter rubber.

To conclude, it is important that you are sure that the safe bed you have chosen can enter through the accesses of your accommodation; because you have the possibility of choosing a split storage bed, its box will be delivered to you in two parts that will suffice to assemble once the whole is introduced into the bedroom. This model simplifies its delivery and facilitates passage through the hallway and the door of any room.

At ottoman beds, we offer our own assembly service. If you wish, our specialists will install your ottoman storage bed at your place and you will not have to worry about a thing.