While choosing furniture for a patio, you focus on style, functionality, comfort, and looks that complement the outdoor ambiance, but one thing you miss out on is its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions. If your furniture remains outdoors during winters and withstands the cold climatic conditions then pat yourself on the back for choosing the right one. However, the climatic conditions vary from location to location, and it is important to consider how frequently the weather swings at your location. It is risky to keep the furniture outdoors especially during winters. Luckily, Shop4patio offers furniture pieces that can withstand the hot and cold weather regardless of your location. If you are the one planning to add furniture to your patio then find the suitable one from the following types


Teak is a popular wood choice among consumers because it offers various exciting features and serves for a longer period of time. Teak is naturally resistant to harsh weather conditions and has an unparalleled aesthetic to its beautiful warm tone. The internal content of the teak includes oil and a natural resin that protects its exterior against insects and mosquitos. The oils contribute a lot towards making teak strong and durable and also prevent dry rot.


Aluminum is good for you if you do not wish to get into the hassle of maintenance and cleaning. It is lightweight, easy to move, and does not develop cracks easily. The cast-aluminum is a popular sub-categorized metal material that holds up in uncertain weather conditions and is rust-proof. The powder-coating of this metal increases its durability and gives an elegant look. The cushions can be paired up with both aluminum and cast aluminum chairs for your comfort. Cast aluminum resists all the weather conditions.

Synthetic resin and plastics

Synthetic resin is suitable enough to withstand all the outdoor weather conditions. The materials used in making synthetic furniture pieces are nylon, polyethylene, and PVC. This furniture requires low maintenance, is light in weight, and withstands all weather properties. The synthetic resin is used in weaving wicker-style furniture that enhances the outdoor look of the patio. If you plan to select this for your patio, make sure to buy High-density Polyethylene (HDPE) wicker that offers durability, heat endurance, and thermoplastic with higher strength.


Steel is strong, durable, and withstands all weather conditions like sun, wind, and rain, but is expensive and heavier than other metals.  It is not easily moveable. The most preferable option for furniture in steel is galvanized or stainless steel, because regular steel rusts and corrodes easily when exposed to outer elements. Galvanized steel is made up of zinc coating added in the sheets of steel that prevents corrosion. On the other hand, stainless steel adds chromium to molten steel that resists corrosion and. Though the benefits are wide, they can corrode if exposed to chlorine.


Concrete has nowadays made a special place in the hearts of the consumers. It is trending in designs for outdoor modern furniture. The design is sleek, inviting, and aesthetically pleasing. Despite its advantages, it is heavy in nature, porous, and susceptible to staining. However, concrete blended with fiberglass or resin makes the material lighter and protects the surface from stains.


As mentioned above, teak is the most popular wood choice among the buyers, but apart from that wood also has some exciting products to offer which are cedar, pine, and eucalyptus. These pieces are versatile enough to complement the looks of the patio and give a glorifying, gorgeous, and inviting look to the guest. In order to protect it against harsh weather conditions seal it, so that it shields moisture, sunlight, wind, and heat. To retain the quality of this material and maintain its glow apply proper oils and varnishes to increase its strength to endure sunlight, rain and avoid any kind of damage.

So now you are thorough with the furniture types, their features, benefits, and ability to endure weather conditions. Choose the best one for your patio. More info to visit: http://homeimprovementview.com/