For a small functional and pleasant bathroom, we put the package on the smart layout and the clever tricks! Zoom in on these 24 bathrooms that have a lot to teach us …
An XXL mirror, light and bright colors, 2 in 1 furniture… These are all little tips that will allow you to save precious square meters in a small bathroom! To help you, here are some tips to apply.

Small bathroom: 3 tips to make it bigger

The right colors : in a small bathroom, think about the right colors, those that will visually enlarge the space. Choose white with tiles or paint, it reflects the light. You can also add bright colors to brighten up the room, such as yellow or electric blue.

Hanging furniture: there is often a lack of space in a small bathroom. Prefer hanging furniture, which gives an impression of space and at the same time makes cleaning easier.

Mirrors: mirrors reflect light and enlarge the space. So, don’t hesitate to install several in the small bathroom.
What decoration for a small bathroom?

You can obviously opt for green plants . In addition to greening your bathroom, they will purify the air in the room . While natural light is ideal, not all bathrooms have a window. So we put on quality lighting , everywhere in the room to create a homogeneous space and an impression of grandeur . Also, opt for neutral tiles such as black or white which will fit in both the shower and the living area .

Tips for saving space in your bathroom

To save space in the bathroom , we swap the bathtub for a shower . As for storage , it is necessary to go to the essentials and not to encumber yourself with superfluous elements. We keep the bare essentials in terms of cosmetics, jewelry will rather settle in the room. To organize everything , bet on wall shelves and wicker baskets . In addition to ordering everything, this trick will give a warm aspect to your bathroom . Finally, we use all the accessible corners of the bathroom: the heightto store towels for example, the nooks to install a thin shelf where to store makeup or razors .

Discover in the slide above these 24 smart bathrooms which give us their good tips for decorating and furnishing!

Much more than a functional bathroom, the bathroom is the room of the house in which we prefer to laze. We wash there, we relax, we bask there and inevitably, we dream it as well decorated as well equipped. From furniture to accessories, colors to coverings, we have prepared the best-of bathroom decoration for you!