Wondering how to add a touch of greenery to your home? Well, potted plants are an excellent choice for beautifying your home. A patch of green can bring so much positivity and freshness to your living space. Decorative indoor planter designs can accentuate the style of your living space with their versatility. Whereas, if you have a little patio or balcony, you can use outdoor planter designs to decorate your outer space.

There are numerous designs and types of indoor and outdoor planters available to decorate your home. We list a few of our personal favourites that will make you feel the goodness of Nature and cherish your space.

Indoor Planter Designs For Your Home

Terracotta Planters

One of the most commonly used indoor planter designs, terracotta planters are inexpensive and comes in various shapes and sizes. These planters are porous and allow your plants to breathe while preventing the roots from rotting due to excess watering. You can also make your own DYI for a

Wood Planters

These planters are classy and are best suited for indoors as these are high-maintenance options for your plants. You can choose quality wood planters made up of oak, teakwood, and redwood for durability. You can sow a variety of flowering plants in these planters. Since it’s wood, make sure that they have adequate water drainage holes or it might get swelled.

Metal Planters

Metal planters are mostly functional pieces of art, and effortlessly elevate the aesthetics of your modern space. These are best suited for your living room or your study. You can choose steel and aluminum planters with customized designs to match your indoors. However, make sure these planters are kept away from the sun and have adequate water drainage holes.

Outdoor Planter Designs For Your Home

 Ceramic Herb Planters

For your outdoors, you can choose from a wide variety of glazed or painted ceramic herb planters. You can keep them on your patio, balcony or make a mini garden. Due to its thick surface, these herb planters can shield the plants from temperature change. Also, glazed ceramic herb planters can trap moisture and water, so it benefits the plants in dry and hot weather. Make sure these are kept away from children’s reach as these are breakable.

Plastic Planters

Plastic planters are widely used by people due to their durability and variety in colour and size. In many places, these are used as wall planters to create a vertical garden and add life to ordinary walls. These are also used to keep your plants in balconies, windows, and outside door hangings. However, as the material is plastic, these are ideal for light plants.

Fiberglass Planters

If you want to turn your outer space into a garden and you have enough space, then you can get fiberglass planters. Made up of glass fibers and polymer resin, these planters can bear harsh weather. So give your outdoors a welcoming touch and contemporary look with money plants, junipers, and ferns.

So what are you waiting for? Grow your greens and decorate your homes with stunning planter designs. For more trending indoor and outdoor planter designs, check out the latest collection of Freedom Tree.