Does your space feel tight and crowded? Homeowners face various challenges, among them how they can get extra space as their needs grow. Want more living space or rent out a portion of your home, making it easier to finance the mortgage without selling and moving? Among the approaches that continue to trend is a garage conversion. How often and how much garage space are you using? Most homeowners stack boxes and other items in their garages, meaning that the space is usually under-utilized. As more continue to realize the extra space and how they can make the most out of it, garage conversion’s popularity is hitting new highs by the day. If you haven’t given it a thought, here are some of the benefits you can realize if you opt to convert your garage.


If well-executed, a garage conversion adds value to your home. This means that if you decide to put it on the market, you’ll fetch a better return. The best part is that the home improvement project doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You’re working on an existing structure, meaning that you won’t require costly materials. You can even go at it the DIY way. Moreover, since you aren’t adding an extra structure, you won’t incur more taxes. While on the financial bit, a garage conversion can help you finance the mortgage since you can rent the space and generate some income.


A garage conversion doesn’t have to affect the outdoors. This means that unless you are in neighborhoods such as conservation areas, you can undertake the project without worrying about planning permissions. The internal works don’t have to affect your routine either, making the project convenient. If you hardly use the garage, the process is even more convenient, especially if you hire a contractor, meaning that you won’t take some time off your schedule. It gets better; since the conversion doesn’t include additional structures, you won’t have to worry about a smaller yard or your home’s natural lighting, among other concerns. Such convenience makes a garage conversion a go-to for homeowners looking for extra space without the many hassles of constructing a new structure.


How much more space do you need? The space offers flexibility since you can go for a full or partial garage conversion. If you are worried about losing the storage space or locking your car safely, you can find a way to accommodate all your needs with partial conversion. Your garage might be large, yet most of it goes unused. With a partial conversion, you get extra living space, keep your possessions in the garage, and get the most out of every square inch in your home.

A garage conversion is a gem, but before you dive in head first, it is advisable to do a little digging. Understand your area’s regulation about conversion, especially now that more people are using it to raise short-term rental income. Understand the basics, such as the best practices for a successful conversion. For instance, you might need to raise the floor, add a window, light, drywall, among others, following the zoning and legal considerations before renting out.