So, you’ve found your dream home – congratulations! There is no greater a feeling of joy, excitement and elation than finding the home you have always wanted, but this shouldn’t mean overlooking any potential nasties that could be lurking beneath the surface!

Building and pest inspections exist because, unfortunately, there can not only be structural defects in a home, but also nasty pests hiding in the unseen nooks and crannies, waiting for their chance to cause expensive structural damage.

This is why you should always have an inspection for building and pests in Currumbin, ensuring that your dream home isn’t something that will soon become a nightmare.

But what will your pest inspection entail? And what are some of the creeps hiding in Australian homes, ready to tear them up from the inside out?

1. The inspection will cover the whole house

Expert technicians for pest control in Melbourne will start the inspection procedure at your premises. With this, they will inspect all areas of your property, looking for anything from termites to fungi, mould and wood decay. These professional pest inspectors utilise cutting-edge tools to seek out any potential hazards and infestations, as well as drawing from their experience and special eye for any nasties that may be awaiting their moment of destruction.

A pest inspection covers the whole home, including:

  • Each room of the home
  • Subfloors
  • Outside buildings like granny flats & sheds
  • Fences
  • Roof voids
  • Retaining walls
  • Stumps

An experienced pest inspector knows what they are looking for and knows exactly how to find out. Of course, the hope is always that your dream home doesn’t contain anything unwanted – but it never hurts to make sure!

The repairs/eradication caused by infestation can cost in the thousands, can force people to seek temporary relocation and, if you lease the home out, can cause rifts between you and your tenant, so it is always a good idea to search for these problems before they have the chance of developing.

2. It covers the past, present & future

A pre-purchase pest inspection doesn’t simply cover what may or may not be occurring in the home right now – it actually looks for past damage and potential future hazards, too!

Your experienced inspector will be able to tell if your potential property purchase has been troubled by infestation in the past, as well as if there are any current problems afflicting the home.

Finally, they will be able to tell if your home has any environmental factors that make it susceptible to future infestation, something which would otherwise go overlooked by the untrained eye!

They will use their diagnostic skills to combine an overall report on the degree of which the home is susceptible to infestation, providing a detailed report for you whether you are present for the inspection or not.

They’re just a smart move for property buyers

Discerning property buyers consider the benefits of a pest inspection before purchase, and it only makes sense why. Australia is home to countless pests and bacterial problems, and you can’t tell which homes are at risk of developing these problems unless you have a trained, highly experienced professional on-hand to provide you with a comprehensive report.

Pest inspections are simply one of the smartest things a potential buyer can do before purchasing a property. After all, let’s face it: an agent probably isn’t going to shed any light on past, current or potential hazards, so you really want someone in your corner to ensure the home is fully liveable!