Temporary fencing is required by law at many of Australia’s job sites. However, it also carries plenty of benefits for sites that don’t legally require temporary fencing though can still enjoy their benefits.

Temporary fencing is used at construction sites, special events, even for home DIY jobs, ensuring employees and the general public are safe from any unwanted accidents that could occur if the fencing was never there in the first place!

Let’s take a look at why your business, whether required by law or not, can benefit from fence hire.

They are essential in construction

First thing’s first: you need temporary fence hire in construction – it is required by law. This is why people working outside of the construction industry would be ultimately confused to see a building site without fencing – it’s always there because it has to be there!

Why? Because fence hire keeps tradies and the general public safe from a host of catastrophes that could occur if the fencing wasn’t there, as well as keep equipment and debris entrapped in the construction site, again limiting the risk to the public.

You don’t want to create a situation where your team or the general public are at risk of injury due to a lack of proper fencing. What’s worse, you’re leaving your business open to giant fines and other punishments if you operate without correct fencing – so don’t overlook it at the commencement of construction!

They are necessary for crowd control

Temporary fences are also vital for crowd control purposes at events both small or large. This can include anything from expositions to music festivals, sporting events and more. They are a fantastic means of crowd control as well as providing area containment, allowing cars and people to move freely and safely separated from one another.

However, special events only come around once, twice or maybe a handful of times a year, and so you don’t want to own endless lengths of fencing – where on Earth are you going to store it all?

The best thing to do is invest in temporary fencing for exactly when you need it – this way you’re not stuck with heaps of temporary fencing when you only need it once, or a couple, of times a year.

They keep pets safe

If you’re considering doing a bit of work at home and want to keep your pets safe – temporary fencing is the way to go. They come in a range of designs and styles that allow you to do your renovations without the risk of your pets getting out or getting in the way of the work.

We all know our family pets can be a handful – the last thing you want is them annoying you or potentially getting out when you’re trying to do a little home DIY – temporary fencing is perfect for keeping them safe during home renos.

They are a just an absolute necessity

Temporary fencing is ubiquitous to the Australian landscape. Whether in the city, the country or the outback, you’re sure to see the great Aussie temporary fence applying its trade, keeping employees and the general public safe.

But they are also vital safety equipment for a whole host of other events, keeping people and traffic separated, animals safe and debris from flying out into the way and danger of the general public.