The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a definite toll on everyone’s overall mental health. Everyone must prioritize their well-being, especially since many spend more time in isolation at home. With more employees working from home, getting burnt out by work tasks, and lacking work-life balance, it’s essential to have some form of recreational activity. These recreational activities help you unwind and balance things out.

It’s easier said than done, but there are ways you can incorporate ways to relax and destress from the comfort of your own home. Due to the lockdowns, homeowners have been looking for ways to transform their homes into multipurpose spaces that can accommodate their new lifestyles post-pandemic. Here are just some examples of some great additions to your home that can make the most out of the new normal.

Game room

A recent study has significantly shown that there has been a rise in time spent playing video games since the pandemic when compared to pre-pandemic. With various lockdown protocols, individuals have more time on their hands, encouraging them to lean towards recreational activities like gaming. This is one of the recommended aspects to incorporate into your home post-pandemic.

Having a gaming room does have its perks, whether you’re a professional gamer, amateur gamer, or someone that likes to unwind through video games. Creating a space purely for gaming purposes is a dream for most. It consists of the right equipment and ambiance for the ultimate gaming experience. For instance, you could install LED strip lights at the back of your gaming monitor and around the room for the atmosphere. As for the equipment, choose a gaming setup with the proper specs to accommodate your ideal gaming experience.

Movie room

In the same way, your home should have a gaming room. You can also incorporate a movie room as theaters continue limited operations due to health and safety concerns. Suppose your home notably lacks rooms or spaces for this. You can build a home theater on your own or contact professionals to get this job done for you.

This isn’t just a must-have to unwind, but it’s also a great way to spend time with your family. Think of a room similar to a theater experience with theater sound systems, a big screen, and of course, a roster of your favorite films or TV shows. Your home should have at least one movie room where you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows without interruptions and away from your workspace.

Outside leisure area

When you envision a leisure area in your home, it’s likely to be filled with a swimming pool and sun lounger where you can get your daily dose of sunshine while relaxing. It could also be a fire pit surrounded by comfortable couches in your backyard. After spending so much time indoors, an outdoor space where you can unwind certainly helps make the new normal more bearable.

Another popular addition to many homes has been inground pools and jacuzzies. Having your own pool not only provides you with an excellent opportunity for physical activity but can also be a great bonding opportunity for families. Many industries are still trying to recover from the pandemic, so staying at hotels and resorts is still a challenge. This is where having a leisure area with your personal spa and pool comes into significance.

Sports court

If your home is spacious enough, having a sports court like a tennis or basketball court also helps keep you in shape while providing you with a great way to unwind. Mainly if you aren’t into working out but still want to encourage physical activity for your family, adding a sports court outside your home is perfect.

Ideal sports courts to build are tennis and basketball courts as they are straightforward. Having your own court also means that you’ll have the luxury of staying within the bounds of your property to play the sports you love.

Home Gym

Workout enthusiasts have always wanted their personal gym within their home, which is even more relatable during the pandemic. This is frankly the easiest to build as you can do this from any available space in your home—garage, front yard, empty room, storage room, and the like.

You can easily turn an unused space or room into your gym with the right set of equipment and accessories. You need a full-body mirror to get the ultimate workout experience and ensure you’re in the correct form for starters. Afterward, you’ll need the essentials such as dumbbells, yoga mats, resistance bands, or the equipment for whatever exercise regimen you’re into. Working out can significantly help you destress from work tasks and everyday life, making it beneficial to your home.

These are all home renovation ideas you can use when adding spaces and rooms to your home. Especially with the drastic changes the pandemic provided us with, it’s essential to stay grounded through recreational and leisure activities we enjoy doing. Whether you’re looking to revamp your current space or looking at new homes, these are just some of the must-haves for your post-pandemic home.