When new construction crews are dispatched to the field, it can be an awkward situation. The seasoned crew of professionals who have been working together for months or years may not be ready to play nice with this new group, which takes some time to get used to.

To make this transition easier, here are ten tips on how you can connect better with construction crews in the field:

1. Take the Time To Get To Know Them

When a project begins, often there is already groundwork that needs to be done before getting into the full swing of things. This includes getting to know about each other’s life stories and where each person comes from. Connections are difficult when communication barriers exist, so take that initial time period as an opportunity to get closer with the crew.

2. Stand Up for Them!

When new ideas are proposed, others may object due to a lack of trust or confidence in their abilities. Take time to express that you know they can get the task done and will not say no without an alternative solution. This builds trust between members, which allows them to carry out more daring tasks with less risk involved.

3. Do Not Micromanage

If you want something done your way, do it yourself (or delegate). Overseeing every small detail is exhausting and discouraging for workers; however, this does not mean they cannot be involved in helping mold your dream house into reality! If you give them some creative control or new responsibilities along the way, they will feel less like “robots” and more like valued team members.

4. Praise Their Work

You are never 100% satisfied with your job (are you?). However, there is always room to make improvements. Although it may be too late to implement these changes, knowing that you appreciate all their hard work rather than complaining about everything that went wrong is an easy way to keep the whole team motivated!

5. Use Technology on the Field

If you are working with a team that is on location, invest in some technology to keep you connected, like Iridium PTT devices, which will allow you to have a constant open line of communication. This will help solve problems much faster and eliminate miscommunication that can lead. You can also use cameras and drones; these tools help connect the construction crew more closely with the home base by showing progress and offering perks like never before.

6. Teach Them New Techniques

Do not be afraid to pass on your knowledge of best practices while working on-site — it will make everyone’s job easier! You know what you want to do your way, so let your workers know the ins and outs of how you envision things getting done a certain way. It helps them learn their role better and work faster too!

7. Offer Them Benefits

Not everyone is money-motivated; however, it never hurts to offer additional incentives for working harder and faster. This includes but is not limited to bonuses, paid time off, and even just an appreciation lunch! Treating your workers well will ensure that they will always put in 110%.

8. Be Patient With Change

Change can be scary for some people — it requires adapting to something new. So when you bring new construction crews onto a project site, respect their needs and give them time to get used to the environment before throwing more work on top of them. When everyone feels comfortable with one another, change-ups can become a lot easier!

9. Ask About Their Day

This may seem simple, but take the time to ask your construction crew how their days are going at least once a day. In return, be open to hearing about each other’s day and discussing how it went. This can be a great way to distress and connect with one another in the process!

10. Give Them Credit

Construction crews work hard to make your dream house possible; however, their role is often underappreciated. Not only should you give credit whenever it is due, but also take the time to thank them at least once a week for all that they have done. Their hard work should not go unnoticed! So take a few minutes to thank them for their efforts and remember the great things they have done.

To keep construction crews motivated, it is essential to share your vision with them, give them creativity when possible, and praise their work. Overall, following these tips will help create a better connection between you and your construction crew. Showing appreciation, being patient, and using technology can help make the building process a lot smoother!

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