Loft conversions are seeing something of a heyday right now, with this particular type of home improvement proving particularly popular. And the attractive thing about loft conversations is that they are usually a winning choice both for homeowners wishing to improve their living experience and for home sellers looking to boost the value of their property ahead of a sale.

For those in this latter camp, it is easy to see how a loft conversion can be a winning choice. It is known that a loft conversion can easily add up to 20% value to a property.Moreover, if it is done in close consultation with a real estate brokerage that knows the local market, it is nearly always possible to spend less on a loft conversation than the amount that will be made in additional value once the property is sold.

Nevertheless, real estate experts City Home Collective say that the amount of value added depends very much on a range of local market factors, so it might not be worth your time in some circumstances.

Of course, though, for those renovating just for themselves, a loft conversion is always a good thing and can really add to the livability of a property simply by adding more space and turning what was previously a storage area into a new bedroom, a home office, or some other new living space.

Further Advantages of a Loft Conversion

Here follows some further advantages of a loft conversion:

Maximum Space Adding Potential

For most homeowners, the loft will probably be the largest square footage of unused space in the house. This means that, more than any other home improvement, a loft conversion has the greatest potential to add value. This is simply because value is so often calculated by the square foot.

Un disruptive to Convert

For those getting a loft conversion simply for their own needs – or for those expecting to live in their property for some time yet – this is the home improvement that is the least disruptive. Not only does all the work take place away from the main thoroughfare of the home, but there is always less to demolish when converting a loft – it is much more about adding things.

Great Creative Potential

A final advantage of a loft conversion is simply that you have many options to choose from. An unused loft space is something of a blank canvas, and you can do much to suit your own tastes or the local market preferences.

Tips for a Loft Conversion

So, for many homeowners, a loft conversion could be a winning idea. Here are some tips for going about the task:

Consult a Realtor

As mentioned, you should consult a realtor and see how much value a loft conversion will add to your property. This is essential knowledge even if you are not selling.

Emphasize Light

As the uppermost part of a house, it seems a little strange that lofts are often dark and dingey. Well, lofts might be, but your loft conversion certainly should not. Be sure to make the most use of that clear view to the sky.

Economize Space

This is not just because you might have a limited amount of it, but also because lofts are uniquely suited to space-economizing layouts and furniture. Ultimately, you can have a bed, cabinet, and drawers and still have a generous amount of empty floor space. Lofts can often seem claustrophobic, so emphasizing space is essential.

Ultimately, it is no surprise that loft conversions are so popular.They are almost certain to add to both a home’s value and the overall living experience.