Moving can be exciting, but there are a lot of risks involved. With all the tasks and paperwork involved, there is a high chance of confusion, and scammers can take advantage of that. It’s important to ensure your property and personal information are well protected from such scammers. Most people have lost valuables and money due to moving frauds which can be easily avoided. It’s important to avoid shortcuts, especially with anything that requires you to pay and do write some paperwork.

Don’t be in a hurry when filling out documents, as any mistake you make can take advantage of scammers. Losing valuables will cause you more stress and a bad moving experience., This might affect how you settle in your new house, especially when it’s interstate. Luckily, you can incorporate many simple ways to avoid being conned. This article will explore how to avoid scams and stress when moving.

1. Be Cautious when Hiring a Moving Company

Incompetent moving companies often cause most frauds that happen when moving. Although many set rules regulate the conduct of a moving company as an individual, you must protect yourself. It’s important to take the necessary measures and precautions to ensure your items and money are not taken from you. It’s crucial to start by hiring a reputable moving company such as Chipman Relocation to avoid being conned. It’s important to read the document issued by your preferred mover and compare it with the competitors.

Additionally, ensure the regulatory body of the state licenses them. Research the mover on their social media platforms to see the reviews from previous customers. From the reviews, you can evaluate if the customers are complaining of fraud or if the review is positive. Suppose there is more than one complaint, that is a red flag.

It’s important to be available during pickup and delivery of your possession or send a representative on your behalf. Don’t forget to issue your products and file claims immediately if there is a loss, theft, or damage with your mover.

2. Contact Your Financial Institution 

Many tasks are involved in moving, and most people tend to forget to update their financial institution about their move. When you contact institutions such as banks, loan servicing companies, credit card companies, and insurance providers, you are securing yourself from credit card fraud and identity theft.

3. Ensure You Update Your Address in Advance

Ensure you change your address before your move to avoid scam artists accessing your email. Most scams that occur during moving happen through un forwarded mail, which can grant scam access to your personal information and financial accounts. Take time to update your address, contact your bank personally, and inform them that you are moving with details of your new location. It’s crucial to contact these institutions at least three weeks before you move and provide them with your new address. This way, they can alert you in case there is any tampering happening with your accounts.

To Conclude:

The above are critical measures you need to take to avoid scams and stress when moving. Always change your address weeks before you move. When hiring, look for an experienced moving company with good experience. You can check if they are licensed on their website as an extra precaution.