With time debris, dust and leaves begin to accumulate in the gutters and start to clog them. These clogged gutters if not cleaned on time can cause water to build upon the roof and pave way for other Roofing Guelph concerns. One of the best ways to protect your house from the costly repair and replacement of roof damages is important that you hire a team of experts to install and repair your eavestrough. Here are some of the signs that you need to watch out for which indicate that it is time you got your eavestrough replaced before it is too late. 

Water Leakage

If you have noticed water leaking from the middle of your gutter, then it could be either because of poor installation or the fact that your gutters are too old. When the eavestrough system works properly the water flows smoothly through it without leaking or over flowing through it. Misplaced joints can cause leakage of the gutter. This usually happens due to poor workmanship. If you see small holes being formed in the gutter then it is because the gutter has rusted and you need to replace it as soon as possible. Loose fasteners could be another reason for a leak. 

Erosion of Landscape

Sometimes there might be no signs of leaks in the house. However, you might begin to notice some signs of a leak around your landscape. If you have been experiencing run-offs or flooded gardens, then this could be because of your eavestrough system. The absence of a leak doesn’t always signify the proper functioning of an eavestrough. Erosion of landscape or a flooded basement is also a clear sign that the gutter system of your roof needs immediate attention. 

Saggy Gutters

Sometimes the gutter might be poorly pitched or sagging but it is successfully able to direct the water away from the house without any leaks. However, the gutter needs to be replaced. When the gutter is not pitched properly and left in a sagging condition for a long time the water will begin to pool and collect in various areas. This water might even spill over. These water pools which are formed add to the excess weight of the gutter which could cause them to collapse. If you think that your gutter is sagging then it is time to get them replaced. 

Growth of Moss

A musky smell inside the house is a clear sign of a mold problem. If there is mold growing inside the house then it is because of the eavestrough. The eavestrough is supposed to direct the water away from the house but when it is unable to do so, the water starts to go down the side of the house. Through this, the moisture begins to seep and making the walls of your home damp. These damp walls provide the perfect environment for the mold to thrive. When you start to notice mold, you need to replace your eavestrough. Replacing the eavestrough will help to get rid of the moisture and eventually kill the mold. The growth of mold in the house can severely impact the safety and health of those who live there.