All moms can agree that cleaning the house is a challenge but maintaining cleanliness is more difficult. With children running here and there, dropping stuff across the room, you get no break throughout the day. Husbands help, but only so much.

If you’re a working couple, you might be suffering from headaches due to all the mess lying around. Doing it once a week doesn’t make much of a difference. It gives a pleasant weekend with chaos waiting to take over during weekdays.

Professionals can do some tasks like air duct cleaning and closet assembly if you don’t have time. But, cleaning the house is something that you need to do yourself.

What if a magic wand takes away the trash and puts useful items in place. Wouldn’t that be lovely? These tools are like that only. Of course, they’ll not work by chanting some ‘mantras’; they’ll definitely take some pain away.

Tools you need to make cleaning fun.

Eye Vac Home Touchless Vacuum: This little devil sucks up any dust or debris that roams near it. Just swipe the whole place and direct the dust near this machine, and it’ll suck it up on its own. The 1000-watt motor is so powerful and sensible that it detects hair, crumbs, and dirt on the floor.

Swiping is quite easy, but bending over to collect the dust makes it painful. Collecting dust on the pan when it’s windy is nerve-wracking. But with this vacuum, you don’t have to worry about this.

Price: Available on Amazon for $114

Whisk Wiper: How many times have you beaten an egg or whipped up a pancake mix and the whisker and fallen in the bowl? Then, you should clean the whisker that unveils the monster inside us. Cleaning in between the wire brings down even the best of us. This is where whish wiper comes in.

It seamlessly cleans the whisker and allows support while whisking, so it doesn’t fall inside the bowl. All you have to do is place it on the handle, and it will do the job.

Price: Available on Amazon and whiskwiper.com for $14

Drain Weasel: Isn’t it annoying when you’re washing the dishes, and your drains decide to chock. The whole sink gets covered in filthy water, which you don’t want to put your hands in. This is where the drain weasel comes in.

It’s a long plastic stick with a twistable front nozzle that pulls out any residue inside the drains. This is literally the magic wand for clogging drains.  All you have to do is attach, spin, pull out and dispose of. It pulls out anything from hair, leftover food pieces, or stuck wrappers. Moreover, it’s quite fun to use.

Price: Available on Amazon for 12-18 dollars

The Snow Wolf: If you live in cold areas, you must know that getting your lawn rid of the snow is tough. Heavy boulders of snow are difficult to lift, and they can cause some serious backache. The Snow Wolf is a Snowplough that makes shoveling snow much easier on your back.

It’s created with a wheel that reduces effort in removing snow. The mechanism pushes the snow back, so you don’t have to bend to do that. It saves time and is a blessing for those with back pains.

Price: Available on avalanche-snow.com

Stuff n’ sit: If there’s anything that sucks out the energy of a parent, it’s asking your kids to put back stuffed toys in place. These little squeezy toys are spread across the living room floor and bedrooms. Picking them up and putting them in a box is a hefty task.

Stuff n’ sit allows you to stuff all these toys in a bag, which turns into a bean bag that one can sit on. Isn’t this fun? This makes cleaning up more rewarding as children can sit on this bean bag and relax after collecting everything. And why children only, you can do the same.

Price: Available on Amazon for $28

SurePlunge: What’s a task you dread while cleaning the house? Is it toilet cleaning? Yup, guessed it. Couples often pass this task to one another, and it literally gets messy. But,SurePlunge can fix this mess instantly.

It comes with a cannon that unclogs sinks and toilets in seconds. It uses tiny cylinders filled with compressed carbon dioxide. CO2 cartridges build inside the tool forces the blockage out of the pipes. If you press the button outside the toilet seat by mistake, the CO2 turns into dry ice, and it looks like white fumes on a dance party.

Price: Available on SurePlunge.com for $49.99

These tools make cleaning fun so that you can do it more often. They save time and reduce effort, so you can focus more on your work than cleaning chores. You can also teach your children to use these, so they can be independent and learn to keep the house clean. It will be an important step in their overall development. It’s a win-win for all.

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