Modern homebuyers, especially millennials, are leaning towards fixer-uppers. Their finances are the usual reason for their decision to buy houses that require lots of fixing. They are turning to homes that need renovations since these are usually sold at a lower price.

This and the pandemic caused the surge in home improvements and renovations. People have more time to improve their houses and find a need to renovate their homes to better accommodate their current lifestyles. While renovations help homeowners achieve their specific living space goals, such a project can cause different complications.

Renovating a house can be highly stressful. With the amount of planning, budgeting, and decision-making involved, this can easily cause stress in the family. This is especially true when homeowners fight over which project to take, go over the budget, or the results fail to meet their expectations.

Not many people know that renovations can cause a strain in a couple’s relationship. Numerous surveys show that renovations made many couples consider divorce. How can you prevent your next renovation project from causing additional stress on your relationship?

Plan Everything Down to the Smallest Details

Poor communication is the usual cause of couples fighting over a home renovation. When both parties fail to communicate their needs and wants, this can quickly make the relationship sour. The same goes when making the following decisions concerning the renovation.

  • What projects to take
  • How much money will be used
  • Who will be investing in the renovation
  • How long the renovation will take
  • How the living arrangement will be during the renovation
  • Hiring a contractor or choosing the DIY approach

It becomes a must that homeowners discuss all details involved to ensure they are on the same page. Get the family involved especially if you have kids whose rooms are involved with the renovation. Remember that even everyone in your household deserves to have a say, especially your spouse.

Discuss Your Finances

Where do you plan on getting the money needed to pay for the renovation? Do you have a shared account dedicated to home improvements? Or will you be applying for a home improvement loan?

Since home renovations can take a toll on your finances, make sure you talk about your budget with your spouse. This is especially true if you plan on using your joint savings or will be taking debt for the renovation. The last thing you want is for you and your spouse to have an argument because of the renovation expenses.

List down every possible expense and have a budget for unexpected costs. You should have at least a 20% buffer. This will save you from additional headaches in case you need to buy extra materials, have to dine out during a kitchen remodel, or stay at a hotel in case your living space can’t safely accommodate your family during the renovation.

Do Your Research

It is easy to pinpoint what projects you want to accomplish. But then, it becomes problematic when actual planning starts. For instance, choosing the materials takes a lot more than picking one that would look great for your new home.

Let’s say you plan on renovating the kitchen and want a new beautiful countertop. It helps to do your research and see which ones will best suit your needs. Know the pros and cons of natural versus artificial stone countertops to get the best of your investment.

Next, weigh in between doing the renovation yourself and hiring the pros to do it for you. In most cases, it allows the pros to get the job done for you is your best option. Whether you plan on the DIY approach or not, make sure you do enough research before investing.

Learn to Compromise

One of the great ways to maintain a healthy relationship is knowing when to choose your battles. When making any decision regarding the renovation, find common ground and decide to compromise. Ask yourself if it matters what color your guest room will be, who will finish the project, etc.

Learn to let your partner do some decision-making. Remember that your home is not complete without them. Since they are residents in their own homes, let them have a say and avoid making decisions without consulting them first.

If you and your partner find it hard to make decisions concerning the renovation, find a mediator. This can be a contractor or, better yet, an interior designer. These professionals can help you make better decisions while keeping your requirements in mind.

Renovations can be stressful for the family, especially couples. The last thing you want is for something that is supposed to improve your living condition at home to be the reason for your next big argument. Don’t let your home renovation be the reason why you or your partner will be filing for a divorce.