You can go through a lot in a typical workday. The stressful deadlines, your toxic boss, your nosy colleague, these things could affect you. Being in bad situations at work can get you feeling exhausted. The last thing you would want to do is go home and relax.

This is why it’s important to have a serene living space to come home to. Your house is not just something you’re supposed to sleep in. It’s a place you should be finding refuge after a long day at work. You’re basically spending half of your life in your house. You should be able to enjoy your off days while you’re in it.

Aside from this, your home is where you should rest your mind to prepare for the next day. So how can you make your living space a haven for your weary body and mind? Check out these tips and make your house a shelter that promotes mental wellness:

Colors on your wall matter

Your wall paint may be the same as what you have in the office. This can constantly remind you of the stressful atmosphere you’re encountering at work. Give yourself a break and change the colors of your wall paint. Did you know that the colors on your wall can have an effect on your mood? So basically, the colors on your walls should be something that can make you relax. It’ll be up to your preferences.

If you find blue comforting, then have your walls painted in any shade of blue. If you’re fond of a minimalistic approach, go for neutrality. Paint your walls black, white, or gray. If you want to feel festive whenever you get home, go for patterned wallpapers with vivid colors. There’s so much you can do to uplift your spirit just by employing colors on your wall.

Landscape to escape

Feel serene with a beautiful landscape you can watch while relaxing at home. TV can get overrated sometimes. Why not hire a landscape artist and get a calming landscape design on your lawn. This can get you watching other things than those anxiety-inducing reality TV shows. Include flowers in the landscape design. They’re going to make the landscape more pleasing to the eyes.

Have flowers in the same shade to get them color-coordinated. You can also think of ways to incorporate water in the landscape design. Relay this idea to your landscape artist to better execute your vision. Make an extraordinary mindful experience with scenery that is your landscape.

Build the backyard

You can do a lot with your spacious backyard if you have one. An option is to build a garden where you can grow the plants and herbs of your choice. Gardening is a mood booster and can help calm people after a very stressful situation. Another thing you can include in your backyard is a custom-built pool. This is where you can relax and spend hours before going to sleep. Backyards can also be turned into a playground for your pets.

Since pets can help you stay calm, it’ll be better if you can watch them play in the backyard. This could also serve as a place where you can bond with your furry friends. The backyard is an area of a property most people overlook. But you can improve this part of your dwelling to help you relax after work.

Lighting and ambiance

Improve your mood by employing lighting setups that can calm you. Going home is what most people look forward to every time their shift ends. It’ll be nice to return to a living space that exudes relaxation and calmness. You can do this by installing lights that are perfect for setting a calming ambiance. Dimmed lights are the best examples you can try to give your house a cozy feeling. A good lighting setup can improve your mood especially when you’re tired from work.

Bathe in beauty 

Speaking of relaxation, nothing beats the calmness baths could bring. If there’s one place that can help you wind down, it’s going to be the shower. Using the bathtub is one thing. But making your bathtub sessions dramatically calming is another. Do this by placing scented candles with essential oils. Light them up and let their aroma help you in reducing your anxiety. Your bathing experience will never be more relaxing if you do it.

Reward your hard work by coming home to a relaxing atmosphere. Block all the toxicity at work and enjoy a calming rest every time you leave the office. It’s important so you can have a good night’s sleep as preparation for the next day’s work. They say that there’s no better place like home so make yours the best one for your mental health.