Precaution is always better than cure. Pre-construction termite control is one preventive measure to save you from any potential termite attack. You can also get the post-construction termite treatment, but that does not prove to be as efficient as the former.

Termite attack is a modern-day problem that requires modern-day solutions. Once your house or property gets infected by termites, get ready to spend a lot of time, effort, and money. Therefore, pre-construction termite treatment is quite important, you can hire a professional pre construction melbourne company to be done with your pre construction termite control.

It can save you from losses:

You might think of saving up some money by skipping the termite treatment while building your house, but brace yourself to spend more than you saved later. Termite always finds their way. To be safe, you must avail pre-construction termite treatment. And if you are wise enough, you will save yourself from all the troubles that occur during post-construction termite treatment.

Precaution is better than cure:

It is always better to take certain preventive measures rather than consider the solutions once the problem has reached the surface. You generally opt for post-construction termite treatment when termite has emerged in various corners of your house, implying that some damage has already occurred. Therefore, pre-construction termite control should be your primary choice. Also, it has many other advantages as well.

It is easier to administer:

The post-termite treatment includes drilling small holes in all the infected areas or areas prone to attack. Right chemicals get injected through these holes. All the trouble of drilling holes can be eliminated if the treatment is done before construction. Therefore, it is easier to conduct this technique than the other one.


Every termite control attempt aims to eliminate the possibility of any termite attack or kill the termite if it already exists. Pre-construction termite control implies the application of a suitable chemical on every inch of the ground, including the soil. It proves to be more efficient than post-construction termite treatment.

Economical as compared to post-construction termite treatment:

Pre-construction termite control is economical and less troublesome. Pre-constructed sites require the lesser application of various suitable chemicals. Additionally, this technique is less labour-intensive, i.e fewer labourers are required to implement the process, implying lesser costs.

You need to hire a professional termite control company like 365 Pest Control to be done with your pre construction termite control.