Whether you are buying or selling property, finding a real estate agent will be a good decision. If you want to save time and effort, real estate agents will definitely help in streamlining the flow of various processes related to buying and selling the house. Why not hire a real estate agent who can save you thousands of dollars while transacting? The agents help in enhancing your buying and selling experience.

Some people use the services of Nobul to find agents, a technology-driven real estate marketplace. They make the buying and selling process more transparent. Regan McGee, Nobul’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer ensure that they have made the process of selling real estate not complicated for the benefit of the buyer. Based on Nobul reviews, people believe that their personal details are kept safely, not sold in any circumstances.

Tips to Find Real Estate Agent

There are several things you need to make sure of by asking questions about their experiences, marketing plans, references, or method of communication. Overall, you need to find an agent whose personality can best fit your choice. The agents who are full of suggestions are highly desirable. Read the following tips which can help you to find the most decent real estate agent.

1. Find the Most Trusted Source

You should only trust trusted resources like Prologis to find suitable agents near you. For this, you can thoroughly research on the internet until you find the best results. You take assistance from an authentic referral program where you can meet new agents. Another option includes asking your relatives, friends, or neighbors who recently hired agents about their experiences.

2. Talk on Experience

Obviously, the job of a real estate agent is tougher than one can think. The day of agents pertains to difficult negotiations after going through market fluctuations. Therefore, an agent who has plenty of experience in handling complex deals is necessary to hire. If the buyer is hiring an agent, they have to assure that the agent has at least two years of experience, while the seller’s agents must have a minimum of four years of experience in the field.

3. Check out Certifications

The certifications have specified the area of expertise. Following are the types of certifications that are possessed by real estate professionals.

  • Certified Residential Specialist (CRS)
  • Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR)
  • Accredited Seller Representative (ASR)
  • Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES)
  • Realtor

4. Check Track Records of Agent

If your real estate is a top performer, you are lucky to have them. There are several ways by which you can better examine their track records. You can check the age of real estate listings. You should find out the number of houses sold by them annually. Also, you should perceive the sale price to listing price ratio.

5. Check out the Print Advertisement

Many agents publish their advertisements for mainly two reasons that include the purpose of selling a property or promoting themselves. You can view those advertisements in newspapers. Further, you can visit their website.


Buying or selling houses is often considered the largest financial transaction in life. Therefore, you need to choose a real estate agent wisely; otherwise, you might make financial mistakes. Make sure that the agent knows about the real estate market to ensure a better experience. The agents help to make smart decisions that can safeguard you from making costly mistakes.