The outdated bathroom is a space that truly needs a makeover. Those gungy ceramic tiles; that soap stained sink; that shower head that leaves your hair looking like Kramer’s when he can’t get any pressure going – it’s an unpleasant vibe that can be done without!

This is, of course, the room where we do most of our getting ready, where we freshen up what could be a hectic day ahead, and it should therefore be a space of cool and calm, and not one that makes us rack our brains every time we bump our toe on that incongruously positioned basin (who knows why it was installed like that in the first place?!).

With this in mind, here are five reasons why enlisting the best bathroom builders Melbourne has available for your renovation will do absolute wonders for your home in general:

  • It makes your home more energy efficient

There are two incomparable reasons to make your home more energy efficient: the environment and your wallet. And we all know that those 1960s-designed bathrooms don’t help with either of those things.

But a renovation can help your home become more environmentally-friendly whilst doing your budget a world of good, too! With everything from water-saving showers and taps to energy-efficient lighting fixtures, you could easily start reducing your carbon footprint whilst saving money on electricity, gas and water bills!

  • Make your home safer

Old bathrooms are often full of health hazards: uneven floors, broken tiles, mould, mildew, lead paint, the nasty list goes on… A renovation will go a long way to ensuring the space is safe and clear of any unwanted, obsolete health hazards.

With fantastic elements like slip-proof flooring, grab bars and handheld shower heads just some of the safer appliances you can install in your space, it’s easy to see why so many Australians see safety as a priority when it comes to going ahead with a renovation.

  • It creates a more functional space

We’ve all seen an outdated washroom and its bizarre layout – it’s simply not functional! Whether it’s too cramped and makes for an unpleasant experience, or its appliances are simply placed in silly spots, getting ready or doing your other business in a poorly designed layout is something that can really frustrate in a space that is supposed to be peacefully accommodating.

Luckily, a full renovation can create a more advanced, intuitive layout, and one that doesn’t inhibit us when we are trying to get the job of getting ready done without any hassles.

  • It improves aesthetics

Grotty old washrooms are a nasty place to start the day, aren’t they? And why did the designers of yesteryear always choose such grim, unfortunate colours? Those 50s pinks, lime greens and goldy/brown combinations are a relic of a bygone era and can easily be replaced with a style that is far more elegant in modern terms. What’s more, improved aesthetics will make you feel more comfortable in the room, which is important as this can often be a space where we find ourselves quite stressed i.e. before a big meeting or a special encounter…

  • It can raise your home’s resale value

And at the end of the day that’s really not a bad thing, is it? If enlisting the best bathroom builders Melbourne has available can help lift your home’s resale value then why not? You never know when you might want to downsize, so this could easily be the way to optimise your home’s resale value and receive a much bigger amount if you decide to sell one day!