Previously, you would measure the quality of the sheet you’re buying on thread count. But things have changed, and it’s no longer the threshold. High thread count is something you can’t ignore, but the quality of the thread is what matters most.

From experience, a sheet with a lower thread count but better quality fiber feels softer and will stand up to washing than one with a higher thread count.

Thread counts are often overrated, and therefore, it’s critical you look at other qualities that make great sheets.

The Fiber

If you’re are looking for wrinkle-resistant and durable sheets, polyester is a perfect option- it lasts longer than cotton. But if you’re looking for that soft and relaxed feel, then cotton beats them all. You’ll never wake up clammy from a cotton bed sheet because the fiber wicks away moisture from your skin. Cotton is also less likely to stain compared to polyester. Again, when it comes to washing, cotton released dirt faster when wet.

The Weave

The looks, the feel, price, longevity will depend on the weave effects. Check out those plain weaves woven from an equal number of horizontal and vertical yarns that are the least expensive.

 Sateen is also a cotton-made fabric that utilizes spun yarn and a satin weave structure to float vertical threads over the horizontal ones. The weave creates a luscious sheen and a softer feel. But the downside of it is that it’s less durable than a tighter weave.

Percale has a weave count of 180 threads and above, which is excellent for crisp feel and longevity. It’s a simple fabric with no fancy sheen. Percale is produced from a mix of combed yarns such a polyester and cotton. The carded yarn is made from different fibers and thus affordable.

The Sheet’s Finish

To keep the sheet from shrinking, most manufacturers use chemicals like chlorine, formaldehyde. That also ensures that the sheet doesn’t lose shape or wrinkle. There are also pure-finish sheets which mean no chemical traces in them. Thus if you’ve such allergies, you’re safe with these sheets. It’s important to note that keeping the sheets wrinkle-free is not easy but compared to the effect of the chemicals on your skin, you’d better deal with the wrinkles.

The Dye

Once the sheets are woven, patterns and colors are applied, and that means you’ll need to wash them for a while before the stiffness disappears.

Thread Count

There isn’t the best thread count when it comes to sheets, but the sheet you go for will depend on your budget. Any thread count that exceeds 1000 is unnecessary, many times lower quality. That’s because the manufacturer has used thinner cotton and crammed in so many threads. That increases the number of single yarns twisted together. Double-ply sheets are thicker and more durable -than justifies why they seem pretty expensive.

When looking for higher thread count sheets to buy, thread count is just a factor among many that you need to consider. Check out for other qualities like the pattern, color, and fiber. That way, you’ve got a sheet that will give you perfect warmth, comfort and one that will last for long.