Tropical vibes and a daily dose of sunshine don’t mean you can’t feel inspired by holiday cheer. Decorating for Christmas can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially if you’re going for a winter wonderland while located in a tropical paradise. We are here to give you our top Christmas décor ideas for your home in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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Greenery galore

A warm climate shouldn’t stifle your holiday spirit or your Christmas decorations. Greenery can bring the Christmas spirit while still looking natural in the lush Hawaiian foliage. For outside lights, we recommend draping a pretty holiday garland around your front door. Center the look with an evergreen wreath and classic red bow. Deliver some warmth with twinkling soft white lights to top off your curb appeal.

Continue the greenery theme inside with a classic garland on the fireplace mantle, or staircase banister. The natural tones of greenery won’t look out of place in your island’s humble abode.

Accent to your heart’s desire

Once you’ve decorated with your natural greenery, it’s time to accent in some more holiday cheer. Try integrating metallic tones of glimmering gold and silver. Then add some subtle pops of red for a holiday touch you can’t deny.

Feeling too hot in the island sun? Try decorating with some cool-tone shades to bring the chilly look you are craving. Go for icy blues to play off the greenery. Then deliver some sparkling glimmer with silver details.

Enjoy the outdoors

In Hawaii, you probably spend a considerable amount of time outdoors, as you should. This means decorating for the holidays shouldn’t just be subject to your curb appeal and inside living space.

Instead, extend your holiday cheer to your outdoor living space. Enjoy an outdoor, shady table for your family meals. Try decorating with a festive runner, evergreen details, dried oranges, and cinnamon sticks. Top off the table with candles and twinkling lights for an ambiance that screams cozy Christmas.

Outside it’s always a nice touch to add holiday lights on your patio or outdoor living space as well. You will get a cool breeze in the evening hours with the lights twinkling above, and it will really give you the chilly holiday vibes you’re craving this season.

When adding lights to outdoor foliage, don’t be afraid to string some strands on your palm trees. It may not look as traditional as illuminated pines, but it will certainly give the Hawaiian Christmas look you can be proud of.

Go natural

Hawaii is naturally one of the most beautiful places on earth. So why not go natural and eco-friendly with your holiday décor as well? Try selecting holiday cheer made from natural tree trimmings, cotton, linen, grasses, bamboo, wood, and metal. Not only are these choices more environmentally friendly, but they also will give a true Hawaiian Christmas vibe.