Those looking for a piece of locksmithing to secure their doors should consider the reinforced lock. A heavy duty lock provides optimum security, unlike ordinary locks.

Locks are suitable for specific entrances. It is not uncommon to find countless locksmith parts models and brands in the trade. There is, however, a difference between the various types. Invest in a lock that meets AP standards to ensure quality. By purchasing these products, you can ensure that your equipment was tested and will offer better protection against burglary.

Quality locks are used to secure openings

It is a back door or a front door that allows your loved ones, but also potential intruders, to get into your home and your belongings. A reliable locking system is therefore essential for reducing the risk of break-ins. If you want to buy quality locks then have to visit here https://www.locksmith4nyc.com/bronx/commercial-locksmith-services-bronx/for the best quality of locks.

Different types of locks

In order to increase the level of security, your lock must be compatible with your door. The right door model must be determined, as well as the level of protection you want. You should seek the advice of a professional locksmith who can advise you on the right model and assist you with the installation.

Traditional or antique doors should be fitted with surface-mounted locks. Their ease of installation sets them apart. Metal doors and thin doors are typically fitted with this type of lock.

The mortise lock is a good choice for thick doors if you want a discreet locking system. In the case of the installation of the lock box, it is inserted into the door thickness. A recessed lock adapts to the opening direction of your door because it has a reversible bolt.

Secure Your Door with a Reinforced Lock

A system for securing locks

You can choose between an electric lock and a key lock. Even though both of these locking systems offer some protection for your property, they differ in terms of their level of security, installation, and handling. 

Models powered by electricity

The electric models are connected to an electrical network. An opening locking system is activated using a remote control, a button, a card, or a digital code. The advancement of technology has enabled some electric locks to be operated remotely. There are three types of electric locking systems: the magnetic lock, the electronic chip card lock, and the code lock.

A key model

The most widely used and widespread locking system is the key lock. It is better to choose an anti-picking lock with a pump or pins cylinder to maximize security.  

Is the lock resistant?

Laboratories test the lock’s resistance to determine if it meets the required standards. A locksmith’s equipment is considered quality if it can resist opening without being destroyed or if it can be opened by a magnet.

As well, its quality can be determined by its ability to resist drilling of the cylinder or pump. Neither the bolts nor the lock should be able to be forced open or sawed. An equipment of high quality resists opening with force or fusion of the lock perfectly.

What are the AP standards for locks?

A certificate is required for all protective equipment against break-ins and intrusions, including locks and locks dedicated to closing a room. Every prefabricated vault and door is required to meet this requirement. A2P certifies all elements of an access control system or intrusion detection system.

Locksmith components that have obtained certification are classified into three categories based on their level of protection. Products are rated according to their quality with stars.