If you want to make your house look more luxurious or high-end, buying high-end or beautiful appliances is the easiest way. You can even hire an interior designer to do it for you. But not everyone can do that. If everyone did, they would have already done so in the first place. If you don’t have the budget but still want to improve the looks of your home, here are a few tips to help you out.

Get Larger Pillows 

Here’s a technique you can use to make your living room, bedroom, or any room that uses pillows look significantly better: get oversized pillows! Large pillows, especially throw pillows, immediately give off that expensive feel. Get more than 25 inches in diameter cushions, and mix them with smaller-sized pillows, too, to add a sense of scale. Pile them up together, and you create a pit of comfort and luxury, something that any homeowner can jump into and immediately feel comfortable and snug. Put it on your sofa. It not only makes it comfier but also adds a fresh look to it.

Lighting Makes Your Room Look Expensive

To truly capture that high-end and expensive look for your home, you need to have good lighting. Use layered mood lighting by using different light sources, but make sure they’re all facing in different directions. This will highlight the various features your home shows. Use chandeliers, corner lamps, wall sconces, and other forms of lighting sources. You can even use small lights to highlight pictures and paintings in your house for an extra sophisticated feel. Lighting can help you “focus” on pieces of your home. So if you want your kitchen to be extra special, think of adding hanging lamps that give it a rustic or homely feel. Or suppose you want to be able to control your living room’s vibrancy. You have the option to use configurable lighting. They’re relatively cheap and accessible nowadays. To sell that “rich” feel, good lighting is critical.

Wall Molding for Detail and Style

If there’s anything that immediately makes a place look more sophisticated, it’s wall molding. It will instantly make your house look like a palace. The appropriate wall molding creates a cohesive theme and consistency throughout your home, something that the best-looking and exclusive houses have. You can turn your dull and average rooms into something that looks stylish and luxurious by simply adding wall molding. However, when you’re adding molding to your bathroom or powder room, it’s essential to get a professional plumber. They make sure your pipes are okay, so you don’t end up ruining your molding with leaks.

Put Two Duvets to Add Volume to Your Bed

There are endless ways you can make your bedroom look more luxurious, and one of the easiest things you can do is by putting two duvets on top of each other. This is what most hotels and stores do. This makes it look like your bed is thicker and gives it that comfortable and cozy look. It doesn’t only make your bed look better, but it also makes it even more comfortable. This is an easy technique you can use and something that you can do right now.

Remove Items from Their Packaging and Put them In Containers

This tip isn’t just for your kitchen, but for every other room that needs to have those sachets or plastic bottles displayed for easy access. Just removing the items from their factory packaging and putting them into a container of your choice can make a tremendous difference to your house’s overall look or theme. This works best in your pantry: remove ingredients from their box (especially ones with gaudy labels and logos) and put them in a jar. You see this in effect with picture-perfect kitchen displays—barely any branded packaging and rustic-looking jars. The same goes with your laundry area. Put your detergents into one big container and use a scooper to access them. This reduces the messy look of your home, makes it look organized, and of course, wealthy.

Closing Tips

Always be organized! A disorganized home looks cheap and messy. So make sure you put things back into where they belong. Don’t splash colors all over. Make sure to follow a color theme, as a thematic color scheme can bring everything together. Shop for cheaper prices. If you see a designer item, there is a high likelihood of a more affordable item with the same quality. And lastly, use artwork to give off an elegant feeling.

Making your home look more elegant doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. You can spruce up your bed or organize your shelves, and you’re one step closer. For projects that require you to touch wires or pipes, call a professional instead.

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