If you have small kitchen, one of your major concerns will naturally be storage. But then again, intelligent kitchen storage solutions are not just for those with limited space. Storing your kitchen utensils, appliances and, of course, food in a smart way not only saves space, but it also makes the entire operation of the kitchen smoother. There is a lot to be said for knowing exactly where things are when they are needed, and it is certainly useful to group together the kitchen items most used together. Your pots and pans should hang close the stove, it’s useful to have your coffee stored just above the grinder, and so on.

City Home Collective, a real estate brokerage in Utah, advise that creating a spacious and wieldy kitchen can also be a boost to a home’s value on the market. Having a kitchen well equipped and intelligently arranged may not add thousands of dollars of value, but it creates exactly the right impression and entices potential buyers. So, if you are looking to sell your home in the near future, investing in kitchen storage solutions is a great idea for that too.

The Aesthetic Dimension

Even if your kitchen is totally functional and satisfies all your storage and cooking requirements, it is still possible for it to look cluttered. Good kitchen storage solves this problem as well and will simply make your kitchen look better, as well as making it more comfortably to be in, cook in, and dine in. This is even more of a concern for those with small kitchens, but it does apply also to kitchen spaces of any size.

Top Kitchen Storage Tips and Solutions

The important thing to remember about redesigning your kitchen with storage in mind is that you don’t actually have to break the bank. For sure, there are a range of great products that can make storage much less of headache, but many of these are quite expensive; some kitchen storage tips do not require the purchase of anything new at all.

In summary then, optimizing your kitchen storage is a good idea for a kitchen of any layout or size, and it can be done on any budget.

Keep Your Cleaning Supplies in One Spot

One big no-no for kitchen storage is, or should be, storage cleaning products in the vicinity of food. It is also especially useful to have every cleaning product you routinely require stored in one easy-to-reach space. Accordingly, you should consider a distinct cabinet in an elevated position. This will stop cleaning supplies overflowing under the sink and it will keep them in one distinct place.

A Pull-Out Drawer for Trays

Oven- and baking trays are typically large and unwieldy things. It is therefore a good idea to have a single purpose-built place for them. Pull-out drawers fit this bill best, allowing for ease of access and keeping the trays away from differently shaped utensils.

Pull-Out Cutting Boarding Above the Trash

When chopping or slicing food products, there is inevitably a lot of mess which can easily spread around your workspace. By having a pull-out cutting board just above a pull-out trash bin, you can keep other areas clean and sweep debris into the trash with the greatest of ease.

Space for Awkwardly Shaped Utensils

There are many spaces custom designed for things like spatulas and ladles. But even if you don’t want to invest in this, storing them separately from other cutlery will remove a lot of awkwardness from the cooking process.

Ultimately, good kitchen storage can perhaps be summarized with one general maxim: everything in its right place.