Summer is here, and a lot goes on during this season. The vacations, children at home, and barbeque parties are the season’s vibe. This is also the month when most people relocate to new places. Moving can be stressful, especially with everything you have to do. However, don’t wait until the last minute to get things done. A stress-free move is possible if you take the time to plan everything. We have provided a guide to ensure you have a stress-free relocation. Here is what to do.

Create an Inventory List

Before you start anything, it will be a good idea to set a timeline and avoid doing things in a rush. For example, two months before the moving day, get estimates from several companies and hire a good one like Schroeder Moving. You should also begin to declutter your home. Start gathering packing materials a month before moving and know the items you will need to move. Arrange them on the list based on priority and set packing deadlines. It is also advisable to start packing, starting with the least used rooms.

Prepare on Time

It is also advisable to prepare the new place on time. If you are moving to a previously-owned house, ensure everything is in order, and all repairs are done. Deep clean the house, including the carpets, windows, and closets, and set utilities to get the house ready before you arrive.

Avoid Packing Mistakes

The best way to minimize stress during relocation is to recognize people’s mistakes when moving and avoid them. Part of moving is packing your items well. Start by packing the items from the same room together and label the boxes. Put the heavy items first and the lighter ones on top. You can also use linen to pack some things and kitchen towels to wrap up fragile and sharp objects. Don’t forget to add extra tape at the bottom of the box and hire a climate-controlled truck to transport delicate artwork and perishable items.

Stay Organized

Make the process fun and less stressful by staying organized from the beginning to the end. How you stay organized during packing will also determine how organized you will be when unpacking. As you pack, put similar items in the same box and label them correctly. Ensure you also mark the content and the room where the packet belongs. Learn how to pack things in a box and use the list you created to make it easy.

Ask for Help

 One surefire way of minimizing stress is getting help from other people. If the moving company does not help with packing, asking the people you trust to help you will be a good idea. Family members and friends can be a great source of help and motivation during this tedious process. Ask them in advance and provide drinks and meals to appreciate them for helping.

Bottom Line

Moving does not have to be hectic if you know how to do it right. Even though stress is part of moving, you can minimize it by staying organized, starting early, and asking for help.