Vastu Shastra, an old Indian study of architecture, has been followed for quite a long time to guarantee peaceful living. It is accepted that the energy and stream of the universe can be directed through appropriate positions and plans of structures and rooms. Vastu Shastra gives an all-encompassing way to deal with the plan and development of living spaces, including the bedroom. A Vastu-consistent bedroom can advance unwinding, great health, and casual relationships. By consolidating standards like the legitimate position of furniture, utilising quieting colours, great lighting, and ventilation, one can make a serene and adjusted climate in the bedroom.

What are the Things to Keep in Mind for Bedroom Vastu?

The following are five significant hints to remember for Bedroom Vastu:

Position of the bed: As per Vastu, the top of the bed ought to be put towards the south or east course. This is accepted to guarantee sound rest and great well-being. Try not to put the bed under a shaft or a window. A mirror should likewise not be put before the bed as it can cause fretfulness and upset rest.

Clutter-free space: A bedroom ought to continuously be kept clean and clutter-free. Try not to store pointless things under the bed or in the bedroom. Clutter can obstruct the progression of positive energy and make an uncomfortable and fretful climate.

Lighting and ventilation: Legitimate lighting and ventilation are fundamental for a decent Vastu-consistent bedroom. Guarantee that the room has adequate regular light and air course. Do not involve red or yellow lights, which can create negative air. Blue or green lights are viewed as more helpful for a quiet climate.

Colours and decor: The colours utilised in a bedroom ought to be relieving and quiet. Pastel shades of blue, green, or pink are great for a bedroom. Abstain from involving brilliant or intense colours as they can make a forceful or turbulent climate. The decor of the bedroom is negligible and in a state of harmony with the general subject and variety plot.

Electronics and appliances: Electronics and appliances like TVs, PCs, or gym equipment should be kept away from the bedroom. They produce harmful radiation and upset the progression of energy. If conceivable, keep these things in a different room.

Benefits of Proper Bedroom Vastu

Legitimate bedroom Vastu can have various advantages for your physical and mental prosperity.

Here is a portion of the critical advantages of following Vastu standards in your bedroom:

Better Sleep:Vastu-agreeable bedrooms are intended to advance unwinding and serene sleep. The legitimate position of the bed, utilisation of quieting colours, and great ventilation can assist with decreasing pressure and tension, bringing about a night of better sleep.

Enhanced Relationships: The standards of Vastu expect to make an agreeable and quiet climate in the bedroom. This can assist with fortifying relationships among couples and relatives by diminishing struggle and further developing correspondence.

Improved Health:Vastu-consistent bedrooms are intended to advance great health and prosperity. Legitimate position of furniture, utilisation of normal materials, and great ventilation can assist with decreasing the gamble of sicknesses like sensitivities, asthma, and other respiratory issues.

Better Mental Health:Vastu-consistent bedrooms advance mental harmony and equilibrium. By making a quiet and agreeable air, Vastu standards can assist with lessening pressure and nervousness, prompting better mental health.

Enhanced Spiritual Growth:Vastu standards are likewise accepted to upgrade spiritual growth and improvement. By adjusting your bedroom to Vastu standards, you might encounter a more profound feeling of association with the universe and a greater comprehension of your position on the planet.


Following Vastu standards can likewise improve spiritual growth, inventiveness, and productivity whether it’s a 1 Bhk Apartment or 2/3 Bhks. Nonetheless, Vastu should be viewed as a device to upgrade positive energy in one’s living space instead of a substitute for individual exertion and difficult work. By coordinating Vastu standards into our lives, we can establish a helpful climate for physical, mental, and spiritual prosperity.