It is possible to clean in a way that reduces household waste through eco-friendly, green products. It is natural to use natural cleaners like baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice, which can be used to clean surfaces. Unfortunately, they do not always work and can cause damage to furniture and other objects. There are many environmentally friendly products on the market that you can try which are healthy for you and the environment.

It is essential to know that even if something is labelled as “green”, it may still have negatively impacted the planet in ways not readily apparent. Such as how its materials were sourced, how it was manufactured, and how it was packaged and distributed. In addition to reading the ingredient list, you should also look for sustainable certifications, such as OEKO-TEX or GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). The most sustainable option is to buy textile cleaning products (like towels) and natural materials (like organic cotton) with these two certifications. The most environmentally conscious choice is to choose sustainable materials and to make your things last for as long as possible.

Utilise products that can be used for multiple purposes whenever possible

It is possible to get fantastic results with excellent green cleaning products on several surfaces and fabrics. In addition to lifting stains from materials, most solutions remove bad odours, replacing them with a beautiful, long-lasting fragrance.

The same stands for some glass cleaners. Many of them can be pretty helpful in the kitchen and the bathroom.

Don’t throw away your old toothbrushes

Old toothbrushes can be beneficial when cleaning awkward spots, so don’t throw them away.

A few spares help clean water bottle dispensers, shoe soles and shower tracks, but don’t mix them up.

Get rid of the kitchen towel by kicking it to the curb

There are lots of toxic chemicals used to bleach and process kitchen towels, so they can’t be recycled. Luckily, today you can find many options made from bamboo or, even better – reusable ones.

Replacing kitchen towels with recycled paper, bamboo, cotton cloths, or newspaper is a much better and greener option. Moreover, the results will be magnificent.

Baking soda is an excellent investment

No, baking soda isn’t just for baking. It’s one of the most versatile green cleaning ingredients.

All you need to do is pour a cup into the toilet bowl and leave for at least an hour before adding a cup of white vinegar. You should be able to wash away any nasty stains and discolouration after that.

To remove pongs from your fridge, you can again use baking soda as another green cleaning tip. Keep an open box of baking soda in the back of your fridge, and just keep it there. It will absorb all the bad smells; you just need to change it every three months.

This is the perfect opportunity to take this time to take care of your fridge while you’re there. Sort through your refrigerator and pantry, check the expiration dates, remove old food, and organise the remaining ones. Set food aside and wipe surfaces with an all-purpose spray to clean shelves and bins.

You can recycle waste paper and magazines by upcycling them

You can upcycle newspapers and magazines you still have or use at home if you cannot bring them to a recycling centre.

The options for you are endless, from creating baskets to helping you with gardening or just making a new toy for your cat. Old newspaper is perfect for cleaning glass and mirrors. It not only does not leave streaks but also no ink traces.

The choice is yours. However, make sure to book a time in your busy schedule to bring them for recycling.

Recycle your plastic bottles

It’s a little more difficult now, but can you reuse old plastic bottles for refills or other cleaning purposes?

Plastic bottles can also be used to plant seeds or make mini greenhouses if you’re starting a garden this spring. Additionally, check your local organisations to see if they are not collecting plastic bottles for some cause.

Pests can be gotten rid of using plants

As you’re green cleaning your home, there are some smells that insects and small animals can’t stand, and you can eliminate them with the help of plants.

The citronella oil repels spiders, so add a few drops to any essential oil burner or burn some citronella-scented candles.

Peppermint and spearmint are repellent to mice. Plant herb pots with mint in areas where mice are a problem, or add drops of peppermint essential oil to cotton wool balls and insert them in holes or cracks where they enter.

Invest in a dishwasher

Dishwashers are a great addition to any sustainable kitchen. A sustainable kitchen doesn’t just contain glass jars, silicone sponges, and beeswax wraps; washing dishes sustainably is essential.

Although handwashing is faster, it has to be done more often. Dishwashers are a better option than handwashing when washing dishes because they save water and are generally more efficient than handwashing.

If your dishwasher qualifies for the Energy Star Label, you can save money, but there are some rules you need to follow to ensure you’re using it sustainably. Always run your dishwasher fully loaded and avoid using heat-dry, rinse-hold, or pre-rinse options. Ensure that after the final rinse, you will prop the door open. Air-drying dishes are cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

Support your local suppliers

Consider finding local refillable options and sourcing your products locally. In your area, you might find it easier to find a bulk store where you can refill dish soap, for example, as this is still a more sustainable option than buying it at a supermarket, which has to be shipped over a long distance, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions.

Compostable toilet brush

In contrast to plastic toilet brushes that shed their bristles and end up in the ocean through the sewers, compostable toilet brushes are made from sustainable materials and are plastic-free. It is important to note that even if this happens with compostable toilet brushes, they will cause less harm if they are biodegradable.

When selecting one, make sure it isn’t packaged in plastic since that defeats the whole purpose of the product. Avoid using things made of plastic that will remain on the planet forever by choosing compostable materials.


Green cleaning is not hard to achieve. You just need to be determined and follow the steps.

However, if you feel this is too overwhelming for your busy life, you can always call a domestic cleaning company to come and help. The good thing is that they will leave your home sparkling clean and consider your methods.